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Water Pure Technologies, Inc.

Rain Master 3 Stage

$179.95 $249.00

Water Pure's, Rain Master is a 3 Stage self-cleaning rainwater filter system was specifically design engineered to filter harvested rain water, and well water. 


  • Patented, Triple housing - single head, uni-body construction, eliminates leaks, made in Italy.
  • 1st Stage Pre-filter cartridge, with stainless steel 90 micron mesh, self-cleaning.
  • 2nd stage 25 micron filter cartridge with polypropylene thread.
  • 3rd stage 10 micron filter cartridge with activated carbon.
  • Mounting bracket, screws, wrench, as pictured.
For the Filtration of:
  • sand, dust, rust
  • lime flakes
  • chlorine
  • pesticides
  • heavy metals
  • bad taste and smell
  • insecticides
  • solvents
  • Note* bacteria, virus when using optional NASA Nano-fiber filter.
Rain Master, is the most technologically advanced water filtration system for filtering rain, ground, and well water. Rain Master can be connected directly to the main water supply or BEHIND a pump. It is designed to be very space saving.
Today recycling of rain water is an absolute must. The first stage, of filtration utilizes a PATENTED - 90 micron, stainless steel screen filter, which is Self-Cleaning by use of a backwash lever. The filter housing has a discharge valve and a return flow which protects the drinking water supply.

* Optional - Water Pure, NASA Nano-fiber Filter is available when rain water is used for emergency, disaster situations. 

IAPMO Certified

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